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Who is this person behind the brand? Maybe you have been wondering about it? Well after more than two years I thought it would be time to introduce myself. The one person behind this small made-to-order sustainable brand.

Wearing the BLOOM SUNDOWN handknitted sweater in this photo. So first things first, let me introduce myself:

For those of you who don’t know me yet, I am Lara, a young female entrepreneur or ‘girl boss’ who - after always saying it is probably wiser to first do a master’s degree and gain a couple years of work experience before starting your own brand - started her own brand almost right after my fashion bachelors studies. So much for doing this the wise way. Mainly because I just couldn’t decide which MA I wanted to do, I just started my own slow fashion brand ZWAAN. Learning by doing was my way of thinking. Well I’VE LEARNED PLENTY! And I'm still learning each and every day.

I still work from home, where I have my own little atelier, a partner in crime, called Keila, who mostly sleeps or holds me of my work because she needs some attention. Sometimes, but these are very rare occasions, she steps in as a seamstress. She has four legs, plenty of body hair, a baby face and those kind of puppy eyes no one can resist.

So why this blog? And why now?

I like to believe I am in quite a unique position, since I literally do everything myself, apart from making the fabrics I work with, I would really like to show you more about what I do, how some things work, what it takes to make a piece of clothing, what sustainability is to me… Basically about anything I do on a daily basis. I hope this gives you some more love and appreciation for clothes and fashion in general. Because We all need to ‘do our bit’ to make this world a better place. I am far from perfect, and I don’t think one can be, but I strongly believe every little bit helps and I’d really like to pass my knowledge on to you!


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