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Every year I do a donation. This is something I find is very important as a sustainable business, to not just think of profits and sales but think about others too! Normally I look for a good cause myself. But this year the cause came to me. And I was sold right away to take part! Want to know more and want to donate too? Please keep on reading because you can help out for only €7,-!

Photograph by Lara Zwaan

About two weeks ago I got an email from Project Cece that Jyoti Fairworks was looking for brands to participate in a donation 'giveaway'. Jyoti Fairworks is a Indian-German fairfashion label and they asked for help:

The COVID-19 pandemic hit India hard. The situation worsened dramatically over the last weeks. Daily several million people get infected, death numbers are reaching new highs and the health system is collapsing.

Rural areas additionally suffer from bad infrastructure and medical care, as in the South Indian village Londa – location of one of our (Jyoti Fairworks) sewing centres. Our local colleagues are giving us a picture of the terrible circumstances. Next to high numbers of cases and deaths, the government has imposed a strict lockdown and roads to the overburdened hospitals are closed. Most of the locals usually work as day labourers and through the current curfew no source of income. Important financial resources for buying food and medical goods are lacking in the whole village. Because this was such a specific project and you know exactly what your donation does:

For only €7,- you can help one 5-person family for about 10 days and provide them with the following food-package. The package consists of 1kg oil, 10kg rice, 2 kg lentils and some sugar. This costs about 600 Indiam Rupees, which makes more or less €7,-.

Images by Jyoti Fairworks

Because I always like to know what happens with the donations I was sold with this one right away. You know exactly what happens and where you help out! With donating €7,- also have the chance of winning one of these products listed below, one of which is the RE_MATCH dress from my brand.

Once you entered the amount you wish to donate, you can leave a comment – please note which of the products of our raffle you would love to win most + comment in case you want to receive a donation receipt.

Image by Jyoti Fairworks


The winners will receive one of these products – according to his/her choice:

@Lemonaid: 1 x Upcycling-Set, 1 x Lemonaid-Hoodie, 1 x Charitea-Set

@l_Zwaan: a beautiful dress

@Fairnica: a 75 Euro voucher to rent one of their fair fashion capsules

@b.e.quality: a colourful top

Every donor, no matter the amount donated, gets one entry.

Emails will only be used to alert the winner and will not be otherwise collected. All funds are donated directly to the Indian NGO “Nava Chetana Kendra” in Londa. It is our greatest hope that this raffle raises both funds and awareness of the situation in India.

Click this link if you want to donate €7,-:

Or click this link if you want to donate any other amount:

Photograph by Véronique Dellebeke

Thank you for reading and even more for taking part if you do! I know this blog is slightly different then the ones I've written until now but I think that this is just as important as anything else I do with my business. And Please feel free to spread the word so we can gain as many donations as possible!

This raffle entry ends Sunday the 23rd of may.


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