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About working together, handmade goods, #madeinzeeland and "low-budget luxury". Styling can be a tricky thing sometimes… or not at all. It is way to define your own taste even more. It gives you an opportunity to make the same piece of clothing as someone else, look totally different and more you.

Since I live and work in Zeeland, and sometimes use the #madeinzeeland, I became curious who else uses this? And what do they make in Zeeland?

Kim wears earrings by MRS. Trinkets and Tenisha wears a necklace, MRS. Trinkets made especially for this shoot. After my Instagram search I came across MRS. TRINKETS. I loved the pieces she makes right away! So the idea to collaborate for the The Millers shoot popped in my mind, and never left. Thinking it over once more, I contacted this ‘MRS’ and she liked this idea very much, she was on board! If you look closely to the images from the THE MILLERS collection, you'll discover many of MRS. Trinkets beautiful handmade jewels.

So here is, me talking with MRS. TRINKETS:

MRS. TRINKETS, is it your real name? My name is Maartje, surname Riemens-Snepvangers which becomes MRS. And TRINKETS is a collective term for ‘must-haves’ (in Dutch ‘hebbedingetjes’), anything beautiful but not actually necessary. This fits anything I make, since I make other goodies as well, besides jewellery.

How and when did you get started with ‘handmade jewellery’? Was there something in particular that inspired you to do so? This just came in time. I made jewellery when I was younger. And since I have a little daughter I thought it would be nice to make some jewels for her as well as for myself. We also live on one salary. I decided to be a ‘stay at home mum’ and hand making these little goodies is a ‘low budget luxury’ as well as a creative outlet for me. I’ve always been creative, so this is my way of doing something with this creativity.

What materials do you use? I try to use sustainable materials only. All the beads I use consist of natural stones and the other materials I use are either stainless steel or sterling silver.

How would you define your style? I really love retro design but also clean and minimalistic.

What inspires you? I’m inspired by the jewels my mother used to wear. And natural colours.

Where can people find your jewellery? Or where can they buy it? At the moment you can order through my Instagram account, @mrs_trinkets. I work on a made-to-order base. I post something (new) regularly and you can sent me a message if you want it.

What are your plans for the future? Being a mother is definitely my first priority! But I hope to have my own shop at some point in the future.

In what way do you work sustainable? As I mentioned before, the materials I use, you can definitely expect your jewellery to last a lifetime! So good quality for one thing. And my packaging. I put anything I make in little cotton bags, or in little glass tubes. ( Believe me dear readers, I’ve never seen a cuter way of packaging! But I won’t ruin the surprise, so just go order something and find out for yourself!) When I have to ship my orders, I only use un-dyed paper or cardboard boxed and recycled tape. As decorations I used dried flowers, which I often dry myself. I want my complete order to be a good looking gift, but in a sustainable way.

What is your favourite piece you’ve ever made? I don’t really have one favourite piece. I do have a one of a kind pair of earrings made from Kambaba Jasper. Making one of a kind pieces is always fun! Besides these,­ my favourite stones to work with are Dalmatian Jasper.

If you want to follow Maartje, or MRS. Trinkets, click here. On her Instagram page you'll find any information you need about ordering some of her pieces. So next time you need a beautiful gift for someone, for yourself or for a (gonna be) mum, check her page because she definitely got you covered! Hand made & made with love, on a budget.


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