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Wondering what to wear during the holiday season? This years timeless, cosy yet still very festive and sustainable DRESSED collection is available online now! And here is what you need to know in a nutshell!

I've added a few and kept some too.. If you follow my brand for a while now, you'll know by now that I love to take some of my 'old' or as I like to call them myself 'timeless' pieces, with me in new collections. So that's what I did with some of these dresses as well. But I do like to photograph them in another way, on another person, with a different style. So you maybe didn't love it as much worn in one way, but you do love it very much worn in another. You will find plenty of images in this blog to inspire you!

I do have to tell you.. I fist was in doubt about the need of some festive dresses. I mean the holiday season will probably be different this year. But then I was thinking "why the hell not?!" Why not dress up this year? We need something fun to look forward too right? And what better to still have some occasions to wear a pretty dress? Even though it will be a bit less; there will probably be some dinners with friends and family, just in smaller groups. So I went for it anyways! These dresses, and tops and shorts are super timeless and just really pretty basics to add to any wardrobe. You can wear them for many more occasions as well, and not just this year but many more to come.

DRESSED in VELVET This dress is one of the two I re-launch because this is just the perfect and timeless Little Black Dress. And all of this for a pretty price too! It is soft, and comfy, has a gorgeous silhouette and is completely made out of GOTS certified organic cotton (just like all other dresses in this collection!)

Here are a few ways to wear this dress:

The first image shows you this DRESSED in VELVET with a pair of cool boots and some over-the-top earrings. Simple yet a bit more rock&roll. In the second image Martine wears the same dress, and earrings and boots, yet we've added a golden necklace for a bit more sparkle.

The next look is also a classic one, maybe a bit less rock&roll and a bit more girly. Same necklace, earrings, dress and tights, yet we changed the shoes, put the hair in a messy bun (with a matching scrunchie, in the same black velvet!) and put the CRINKLE ll top underneath. In the following image we also added a Barrett! Now scroll another image and you'll see the DRESSED in VELVET again, just with one of the turtleneck tops underneath, again the preppy looking shoes and a new set of necklace and earrings. So you see, plenty of options with just one dress!! And we haven't even styled it with some heels..

This dress is is made in the pretties dark blue satin. Has short sleeves, and an A-line shape. It is a simple yet very effective dress which is definitely one to wear all year round. Just leave the tights and think about one of those warm summer nights.... I also find that dark blue, or navy blue is a great colour if you just don't like to wear black.

This is the other dress that I re-launch in this years DRESSED collection. Very elegant, since "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself- Coco Chanel".. a dress does't need much. Just you wearing it and being yourself. And you'll look amazing! This shouldn't stop you to put on as many jewellery and bling bling as you like, since this can express who you are too.

I think this might be the most elegant dress I have every designed and made until now. The one in THE MILLERS collection is already very elegant, and you can definitely wear that version of the RE_MATCH dress during the festivities, we didn't re-shoot it though, but I think you can imagine how that one would look with a pretty pair of heels and some jewels... But this one in organic black velvet... I think this one tops the other one in elegance juts a bit. That is my personal opinion of course. We didn't do much styling with this dress.. But in the first image you'll see we've attached the bands, which go all the way round Martines' waist with a beautiful brooch! In the following image you will find Martine working to tie the bands in front and on the last image you'll see the bow in the back. That's another amazing thing about this dress.. You can do so many things with these bands that you can make it look different any time you'll wear it. Of course you could wear something underneath this dress too, or put a sweater on top?

Not a dress but a LIMITED pair of shorts! These are for those of you who like to wear separate pieces. They are limited because they are made out of dead-stock fabric, so I can only make a few!

In the first image we styled them with the CRINKLE ll top, some glitters, gigantic earrings and again a gold necklace. In the next picture we put on some fun and pretty socks, no tights, same earrings and top. This is to show you you can look pretty when lounging at home during the holidays !

Next up we changed the shoes and the top, into the TURTLENECK in beige , and went for the preppy look again. And last but not least: The TURTLENECK in emerald, with the brooch, a barrett, and scrunchie in the same fabric as the shorts as a bracelet. Martine is showing you how to wear dust pink shorts and still look absolutely cool and not to girly.

These are just some options, just to show you what's possible with some timeless, elegant and very sustainable dresses! You can mix and match with any pieces you already have in you closet as well as any of the pieces online in my shop.

Style away, or don't, it's all up to you.

That's the best about these Little Black Dresses, they are pretty and simple and elegant just the way they are, but they can be many things and I would love to see how you style yours !

Tag me in your style photo's on Instagram or use the #DRESSEDinZWAAN to show me all your ZWAAN outifts.

And before I say "enjoy your weekend!" I want to thank Moois & Meer for lending me there shop to shoot this collection in the most cosy way! And Sebastian den Herder, for letting me use the beautiful jewellery and accessories! It is always a blast to work with these sparkly things!

And The BLIND SPOT for the sustainable tights and the cool socks! If you want them or some more options regarding sustainable tights go check here site!

And now for real: #enjoy! your weekend and see you soon in my shop I hope!


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