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Three years ago, when I started my little brand, I didn't think I would ever talk about 'Bestsellers'. I just wanted to make timeless and comfortable pieces in the most sustainable way possible, for me. Now I'm a little wiser and one of many many things I've learned.. You absolutely love this T-SHIRT DRESS! And here is why!

Besides my basic sweater this is definitely my bestseller! Something I did not expect when I designed this, but totally understand after hearing your feedback which I still get and it is always positive! Naturally this pieces is also made out of GOTS certified organic cotton. The dress fits nice, not too tight nor too loose. “The best thing about this dress are the bands,which you can tie any way you want!” “There are just so many possibilities!”- quotes from customers. You can see some on the images, I let the models tie the bands themselves so you can see what happens. There are probably more ways to tie them still!

This just is a really nice summer basic. With a little short sleeve, a round neckline and it just give you a really nice silhouette! Because I know some of you don’t really like the the ‘schortenbont’ detail, I decided to give you a variation without. This one simply has a band which contains an off-white plain side made out of organic cotton as well. And the little ZWAAN (swan-logo) is hand stitched. So are you looking for a beautifully timeless summer basic-dress? This is the one for you, made in the Netherlands by me, with love.

I myself love it in black as do you! Because that was the only option I gave you until now, for the 3rd summer-season in a row! Talking about timeless and core-collections... But I do know some of you would love the dress too, however you don't really wear black, or you just love a bright colour more or for whatever reason. This made me think.. So I decided to give you some extra options! As of this spring summer season, 2021 I give your the possibility to get the T-shirt Dress in NAVY BLUE and in POOL BLUE! On still quite classic colour, yet not black and one that will fit your colourful spring/summer wardrobe perfectly. For holidays at the pool or on the beach or just hanging out at the park or at home.

This is a super comfy dress with lots of options and you can literally choose your own. You have size options, three colour options and you can choose if you want it with or without schortenbont!

Want to choose your own dress? Click here and check them out!

P.s. Due to the fact that the fabric for the new colours was a bit more expensive then the black one I did add a little amount to the dresses in nave- and pool blue.


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