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It's fashion revolution week! And this year’s main focus lies upon #WHOMADEMYFABRIC? So, a great opportunity to dive into this and focus on two new products for this blog post. It's all about the DUTCHESS products and answering that question, “who made my fabric?”.

WHO MADE MY FABRIC? In case of the DUTCHESS DRESS and DUTCHESS TOP the answer is: Enschede Textielstad! These products really are made 100% in The Netherlands? Well yes! How cool is that?! This also made me decide I wanted to tell you a bit more about their great work.

Enschede Textielstad is a sustainable weaving mill based in Enschede. Until the late 60's Enschede used to be quite important for textile production. Due to cheaper facilities abroad many factories closed over the years. Enschede Textielstad wants to bring back the local textile production and as far as I can say, they are doing a great job! They do not only make it accessible for small brands like mine, they also produce with a hart for the environment. They focus on garment and interior textiles and they use recycled yarns, local textiles or organic textiles. Or they combine those, like for the fabric I used for the DUTCHESS products. That fabric is a combination between organic cotton and recycled cotton. By local they do actually mean local. They only work with European yarn suppliers to make sure they keep the environmental impact as low as possible.

I really love the fact that the fabric come from the same country I live and work in. It makes it all a bit more special. This, however, is also the reason why the DUTCHESS DRESS is a bit pricier then the RE_MATCH DRESS from my last collection. They hardly vary in pattern, but they do in fabric. I really hope you love the fact that the entire pieces are made in The Netherlands as much as I do. No suspicious working conditions or any shady practices. Just the way it should be, sustainable, slow and transparent. I would love to work more with Enschede Textielstad in the near future. I mean they even provide the option to design your own fabric! I would love to do this sometime.

Back to the fact that it is Fashion Revolution Week. If you don't know what it is:

Click on the image if you want to visit their site and read all about it and get involved! Obviously every day is important to change the industry. Every time you buy a piece of clothing you make a decision. Do you turn a blind eye if you buy something new or are you really thinking about the consequences? Do you think about 'who made your clothes?' or where they come from? Or who made the fabric? I didn't always do this either, but now I think it is really important. The more transparent a brand is the better. If you buy your clothes here, you know that I made them! What I want to work on is to give you more intel about where the fabrics come from. I tell you all about the materials in the product description, but I myself want to know more about where they actually come from. Therefore I will definitely follow up on this subject. And for the DUTCHESS DRESS and the DUTCHESS TOP , now you know! They are both made out of the fabric I got from Enschede Textielstad. They are like all other products on this site made and designed by me for 100%. From start to finish.

Do you want to support me getting sustainable fabrics local? And are you looking for either a spring/summer proof dress or top? Shop the DUTCHESS products in my WIT SS2021 collection!

Links to check out: FashionRevolution

Enschede Textielstad Textile images by Bibi Engelbertink Fashion images by Veronique Dellebeke


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