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Hi there! Just a quick BLOGPOST! And that's right, I'm writing this one in English (don't judge please!), want to know why? And all you need to know about the most amazing and just in NEW ZWAAN GIFT CARDS? Just keep reading! :)

First things first; I am writing this BLOG POST in English, because my international customer-base has increased since I opened my ZWAAN STORE in Middelburg. And Since this GIFT CARD is for all of you, online and offline, I thought this post should be in English! Here is all you need to know: A while ago I gave one of my best friends and relative Sanne Boerma (@sans_ideas on Instagram) an assignment to make a unique and cool illustration for my new GIFT CARDS! And so she did... I received her amazing illustration yesterday, and started designing the new GIFT CARDS, which I already received today! Insanly quick!

While unwrapping I was so flashed by how cool the design looks (if I may say so myself) that I thought 'these deserve a shout out!'. So dear readers, loyal customers and people who found my small and unique brand maybe be incident: IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT GIFT.....

search no longer, because....Here it is!

The card itself has a nice shipper to it and is made of sturdy paper, so it looks even prettier in real life!

The gift card will be shipped in en envelope (handmade by me, myself and I) and wrapped again, so it looks all nice and pretty when you give it to your loved once. You can choose the amount yourself, if it's no option on my website, just drop me a message, and name me the amount you would like to give! Or get your gift card in STORE!

See you soon,



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